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  • Why Should I Make a Nomination for the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame?

    by Farrah Hunt | May 21, 2018
    The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) was created in 2011 to honor individuals and organizations who have made outstanding, lasting contributions to the healthcare Internet industry, while also ensuring that the history of the industry is preserved for future generations.

    Since 2011, 12 individuals, 12 healthcare organizations and 9 healthcare products/services have been inducted into HIHOF. All of the inductees have been highly deserving of this recognition. But it took someone to nominate them in the first place. And that is where you come in.

    Nominations for the 2018 HIHOF Class of Inductees are now open. We encourage everyone in our industry to look around your peers and nominate an outstanding individual, healthcare organization or healthcare product/service that you believe is deserving of industry-wide recognition.

    Why should you nominate? Here are some reasons:
    • Industry-wide recognition from HIHOF increases the credibility and visibility of the inductee.
    • HIHOF recognition validates the efforts of individuals and teams, which can improve motivation and boost morale.
    • Putting forth the effort to nominate shows that the person, organization or product/service is valued.
    • Those who are recognized with HIHOF induction are honored and touched by the recognition.
    • Collectively, the inductees into HIHOF are excellent representatives of the best of our industry who inspire all of us.
    Take a look at the candidate criteria and complete the nomination form

    We look forward to receiving your nominations and to honoring the 2018 Class of Inductees in November at the 22nd Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Scottsdale.
  • A New Addition to the HIHOF Board of Judges

    by Farrah Hunt | Mar 31, 2017

    The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) is pleased to announce that a new judge been added to the Board of Judges. The HIHOF Panel of Judges is comprised of individuals with a history of distinguished accomplishments in the healthcare internet marketing industry.

    Joining the Panel of Judges this year is Allen Gottfried. Allen replaces a departing judge, Jim Edwards, who has fulfilled his term of service.

    Allen is Manager of Digital Content at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He brings an award-winning track record for web and digital products garnered within the healthcare arena, as well as other marketplaces.  As a well-skilled and knowledgeable healthcare digital marketing and communications leader with Wake Forest, he focuses on the development and implementation of digital marketing strategies, optimization of paid and organic search and video optimization (which he has presented on at HCIC). He continually strives to learn and effectively implement new technologies including advanced CRM, e-mail and personalization tools, to ensure an enhanced user experience across the breadth of the health system’s digital outlets.

    Prior to relocating south from his Jersey Shore roots to North Carolina, Allen was with Saint Peter’s Healthcare System in New Brunswick, NJ as the Manager of Internet and Online Strategies, where he oversaw and executed all things digital.

    Outside of healthcare, Allen loves spending time with his family and also operates his own freelance business focused on web, digital marketing, and video services that include 360-degree panoramic photo tours, award-winning music videos, local video optimization, and digital marketing consulting to local businesses.

    Allen will join his colleagues later this year to select the HIHOF Class of 2017. The 2017 inductees will be presented at the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conferencein Austin in late October.

    To learn more about the 2017 HIHOF Judges and nominate a candidate for the HIHOF 2017 Class, visit the HIHOF website.

  • Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Judge Applicants Sought

    by Farrah Hunt | Feb 08, 2017

    Each year, the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) Board of Judges selects people and organizations for inclusion in that year’s class of inductees. The panel of judges is comprised of individuals who are experienced industry providers or vendors. At the end of each year, a small number of judges will complete their terms of service and will rotate off the panel. New judges are sought to fill those vacancies.

    If you have been thinking of a way to contribute to our industry, serving as a HIHOF judge might be just your cup of tea! We are searching for people with industry experience who:

    • Have the time and energy needed for participation on the Board of Judges.
    • Agree with and believe in the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame’s vision and mission.
    • Agree to adhere to the rules and guidelines of the judging process.
    • Agree to adhere to the established timelines.
    • Agree to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement about the information you learn through the process regarding the candidates and discussions during the judging process.

    Jim Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Connect Healthcare, is retiring from the Board of Judges this year. Jim has this to say about his service as a HIHOF judge:

    “My time as a member of the HIHOF Judging Panel was very rewarding and I recommend it to anyone.  Thank you for the opportunity of participating in the selection of the Hall of Fame Inductees and working with the very capable Judging Panel… best Wishes to all for the future.”

    If you are interested in serving as a HIHOF judge, please contact for more information. The deadline to apply is February 22, so don’t delay! 

  • Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Spotlight: Sharp HealthCare

    by Farrah Hunt | Jan 26, 2017

    In 2011, Sharp HealthCare was one of two organizations recognized in the inaugural class of HIHOF Innovative Provider Organization inductees. We recently spoke with Kelly Faley, Vice President, Web Strategies & Customer Contact Centers at Sharp, about the organization’s digital journey.

    HIHOF: What does it mean for Sharp to have been inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame?

    Kelly Faley (KF): It was a real honor for Sharp to be honored as one of the inaugural inductees. It meant a lot because it gave us external validation and confirmation that we’ve been going in the right directions and doing the right things over the past years.

    HIHOF: When did your digital program begin at the organization? What were your challenges then?

    KF: The first website was launched in the early 1990s, but it was very brochure-like. About 1993 or 1994, we put up a very basic website, and in 1996, we added to the site and did more. In 1998, we got more organized. We engaged Greystone and focused more on digital strategy. We launched our new site in 1999. We were able to get the CIO and marketing SVP on board, but it was almost like we were working in secret. We were meeting with a few stakeholders and working with Greystone. Most of the stakeholders did not think the new strategy would fly – they did not think the internet would bring in new patients. Ironically, those naysayers are now among our biggest champions. In 2010, we launched our first patient portal, which was a game-changer. Between the extensive tools on and the tools we built for our patient portal, our digital tools were seen as much more than brochure-ware. I think it helped the organization to look at digital as a viable way to solve business problems and interact with our patients – rather than just looking at the web as place to put information.

    HIHOF: How has your organization achieved its advances in the digital space? To what do you attribute your success?

    KF: I’m blessed to work with an executive team that values innovation and understands the value of the Internet and is very focused on consumerism. Our successes over the years have helped to drive even more support from the highest levels of the organization.

    In addition we’ve done a great job of recruiting and retaining a very talented digital team. We would not have seen the successes we’ve had without this amazing team.

    Last, Sharp – and especially the digital team – has a culture of innovation. We are willing to take risks, to think big, and to put resources behind our ideas that will make a real business difference. That can be scary for people because you have to be willing to risk errors or even complete failure. Of course, we’re not reckless but you have to be willing and ready to apologize and take responsibility (and the consequences) if and when plans go wrong.

    HIHOF: What challenges do you have today?

    KF: Perennial budget and time issues – not enough of either. There are too many priorities. Second, as more digital properties move beyond pure marketing tools and do more and more operational functions, roles and responsibilities get more confusing. When we started 20+ years ago, its primary purpose was to encourage people to choose Sharp as their provider. Potential patients still use that way, but current patients are increasingly using the site for operational functions like scheduling an appointment, getting directions and paying a bill. At Sharp, that means we now have digital strategists, who are part of the Marketing department, working directly with the Patient Financial Services team, or the Access team to design user-friendly digital patient tools.

    The same thing happens with advertising. Twenty-plus years ago, advertising was placed on TV, radio or the newspaper. Now, we’re placing ads across the web. Well, who does that job? Do digital display ads “belong” to the advertising expert? Or the digital expert?

    As we continue to move more and more business roles online, responsibilities and reporting structures will become more and more confusing. That said, it’s a great problem to have! Digital experts are so needed!

    HIHOF: Where do you see digital going for provider organizations? What effect do you think it will have on the healthcare industry in the future?

    KF: I think we have to focus on making it easier for our patients to work with us. We need to allow our patients to interact with us without having to come in to a facility or making a phone call. That’s not a traditional marketing communications function but it speaks directly to retaining our current patients.

    On the advertising/marketing communications side, I think we all need to focus on the continued evolution of advertising and the growth of advertising online. We need tighter integration with our advertising teams for more cohesive—and ultimately successful—campaigns.

    HIHOF: Do you have any advice for other organizations that are trying to digitally transform and innovate?

    KF: You need a strong foundation before you can be innovative. Make sure your basics are solid before you start more complex projects. Be sure you have a great physician finder before you launch chat or telemedicine.

    Listen to your customers. Do focus groups and surveys. Listen to what they say about you on social media and through emails. Prioritize (and organize) your site according to what your patients say they need, not what your executive suite wants.

    Last, go mobile first!

    HHOF: What digital achievements are you most proud of?

    KF: Hands-down I am most proud of the team we have here. They are dedicated and passionate—they make the magic happen. As a result, this organization shows tremendous trust and respect for the digital team.

    Thinking about functionality….I’m really proud of our Find A Doctor tools and our Classes and Events tools that allow patients to find and register for classes and events.

    I’m really excited right now for new bill pay tools and single sign-on functionality that we will introduce this year – all to make our patients’ experience with us easier.


    Sharp Healthcare continues to be a leader in digital marketing in health care. The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame is pleased to recognize Sharp and other organizations and individuals for their contributions to our industry.

    If you are part of an organization or know of an organization doing exceptional and innovating work on the web we invite you to nominate at them for the 2017 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Class. You can find more information regarding nominations at HIHOF.Com. We also hope you’ll join us at the 21st Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, TX, in October where the 2017 Class of Inductees will be presented. 

  • Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Inductee Spotlight: John A. Eudes

    by Farrah Hunt | Sep 07, 2016

    The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) was established in 2011. To mark the fifth year of HIHOF, we will present a series of profiles of past inductees. How better to start the series than to highlight the initial HIHOF inductee for Innovative Individual: John A. Eudes.

    John, a co-founder of Greystone.Net, was well known in the healthcare marketing industry as a pioneer in several different areas of healthcare marketing and technological advances through strategy and development. His untimely death in 2011 left a gap in the marketing universe that cannot be filled.

    We spoke with John’s wife, JoAnn, for more details about his journey to healthcare marketing, his legacy and its effect on the industry today, and his impact on new generations of marketers.

    HIHOF: How did John first get involved in healthcare marketing?

    JoAnn Eudes (JAE): John first started his career as an accountant. However, while working in that field, he felt stifled. John’s dad always said that if he stayed creative and persisted in accounting, he’d probably wind up in jail.

    John was an enthusiastic marketer at heart. He always watched TV for the commercials and read during the programs. He said that the TV ads were creative and he loved figuring out what each commercial was trying to do and whether it was effective.

    I was a nurse and as a result of my experiences, John saw opportunities to apply marketing principles to healthcare. Years ago, most healthcare administrators weren’t thinking in those terms. At the time, John was a university professor, teaching marketing in an MBA program, and was recruited by a healthcare system in Iowa. They were looking for someone in marketing who didn’t necessarily have a healthcare background.

    And that’s how John’s healthcare marketing career got started…in the 1970s.

    I can remember driving around Atlanta in the early '90s and John saw, for the first time, a website in big letters on the side of a van. He said, "That’s marketing in the future. Healthcare needs to establish websites."

    HIHOF: John was inducted as the first Healthcare Internet hall of Fame Innovative Individual in 2011. How has John’s legacy inspired what we’re doing in healthcare digital today?

    JAE: I think John was a role model and mentor to many. He encouraged others to think outside of the box, to take risks and to explore the digital frontier.

    John believed that strategy matters!  You can use the latest technology but you must integrate technology into your organization’s overall marketing strategy to be effective. 

    John had a passion and deep belief that work only matters if what you do makes a difference. His life’s work was to drive better outcomes for healthcare institutions, physicians, staff, and most important, patients. He motivated and inspired others to do the same.

    I have many, many stories from people whose lives and careers John influenced. Here’s just one of those stories: John was speaking at a large marketing conference. One of the attendees was a young woman, only a year or so out of college, in her first marketing job. At the time, she wasn’t really sure if healthcare marketing was the area for her. After John’s presentation, she approached him with several questions. John didn’t have the time at that moment to go into detail with his answers, so he asked her to write down her questions and he would get back to her. John responded within a couple of days via email with thoughtful, detailed answers, along with several reference articles and other information. After John’s death, I heard from the young woman about how she had been inspired by John to continue in the healthcare marketing field.

    HIHOF: What do you think John’s reaction would be as we approach the 20th Annual HCIC?

    JAE: The Healthcare Internet Conference was the first national healthcare meeting to focus on technology and the internet. John would be very proud of the Greystone staff for carrying on with his vision. He would also be very grateful for the sponsors, speakers, and most of all, for all of the attendees who have supported the conference for all of these years. He would be impressed with the quality of speakers and presentations and the sophistication and relevance of the case studies.

    John’s philosophy was that learning and innovation go hand in hand.  He wanted to establish a forum where we come together, share best practices, explore new trends, be early adopters, and to be on the learning edge. 

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years. It seems like only yesterday, John was sitting at the kitchen table planning for the first healthcare internet conference. He dared to plan it…in Las Vegas, no less…. and he dared to think…that Nicholas Negroponte from MIT would accept an invitation to speak on “Being Digital”….and that’s what happened in 1996! We had 75 attendees and collated handouts in 3 ring binders in our hotel room! He would be amazed and excited at how the digital world has changed in 20 years!

    HIHOF: John left a huge mark in the healthcare digital space and how we look at the web related to healthcare and how we market. He was also involved with other endeavors outside work. Tell us where else he continues to make an impact and help others.

    JAE: It was very important to John to take time to teach, mentor, and share knowledge with others. Education was so very important to him.

    We established the John A. Eudes Memorial Scholarship at Lewis University where John served as a Professor, Director of the MBA program, and on the Board of Trustees. This scholarship provides financial assistance for business and nursing students each year. 

    The students are so grateful and I know John would be pleased that we’re helping students to achieve college degrees and to fulfill their dreams. 

    John’s passion and dedication to education carries on through his legacy in scholarships for future leaders and through the Healthcare Internet Conference for current healthcare digital leaders. The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame was a vision John had for acknowledging industry leaders who have had an impact on the digital healthcare space and inspiring others. All HIHOF members are inducted into the Hall each year at the Healthcare Internet Conference.  If you know a deserving innovative individual, provider or product/service that has had influence on the healthcare digital industry please visit the HIHOF site to learn more on inductee qualifications. 

  • Welcome the New HIHOF Judges

    by Farrah Hunt | Jul 08, 2016

    The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) is pleased to announce that five new judges have been added to the Board of Judges. The new additions replace departing judges who have fulfilled their terms of service.

    The HIHOF Panel of Judges is comprised of individuals with a history of distinguished accomplishments in the healthcare internet marketing industry. The new judges are:

    • Lannie Byrd, Chief Operating Officer, Team SI. Lannie has over 15 years’ experience leading digital engagements in healthcare, higher education and the media. At Team SI, he manages the day to day operations of the digital agency. Lannie came to Team SI from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where, as the Senior Director of Marketing and Online Services, he was responsible for their online presence in clinical, research and education.  Prior to working at UAMS Lannie managed the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper’s online content efforts and worked as the Web Manager at Ouachita Baptist University. He has also spent time in the college classroom teaching mass communications courses including web design, video production, social media and communications campaigns here at Ouachita. Lannie has a MA in Journalism from the University of Memphis.
    • Aaron Clifford, Senior Director of Digital Marketing Solutions, HCA. Aaron has been with HCA for over 13 years, and has served in a number of roles within the IT&S Enterprise and Clinical Product Development organizations. In his current position, Aaron serves as the principal marketing technologist overseeing the evaluation of new digital marketing solutions, services, implementation of current products and setting a vision for the long term technical needs of digital marketing. In his previous role, as Director of Web and Social Media Services, he and his team created and implemented the Healthcare Unified Technology product to allow for a more enhanced user experience of over 800 websites. His team was also responsible for web solutions for HR, Sarah Cannon, H2U, and other corporate websites. He was also responsible for the HCA Physician Services Group’s web and social media strategy and services when these services were first introduced at HCA. He holds a BS in management information systems from Trevecca Nazarene University and an MBA from Lipscomb University. Aaron is also a graduate of the IT&S Emerging Leaders Program and was the 2013 Nashville Technology Council’s Social Media Strategist of the Year.
    • Joy Jarrett, Senior Director Marketing Services, Community Health Systems. For over 20 years, Joy has worked with leading and emerging technology, healthcare and service industry brands to create, launch and market products, solutions and experiences to B2B and B2C audiences. In her current position, she has led digital innovation for Community Health Systems, designed and launched patient portal products, and consulted on population health programs for numerous healthcare solution and provider companies. Joy earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology.
    • Michael McCauley, Director of Corporate Communications, Meridian Health. Michael is a communications and marketing leader with more than 15 years of experience.  His areas of specialty include strategic communications, public relations, employee communications, marketing, corporate responsibility, program management, executive communications, digital media and social media. He has held various positions in public affairs and communications over the past 18 years. Michael holds a BS in business administration from West Virginia University and an MBA from Monmouth University.
    • Aaron Watkins, Senior Director of Internet Strategy & Digital Content Marketing, Johns Hopkins Medicine. Aaron’s 20-year career in communications and internet strategy has included positions in several different industries. He has held various digital-related positions at Johns Hopkins Medicine since 2007 and assumed his current position in 2014. Aaron and his teams have won awards for their work, including a Best in Class Innovator’s Award at the Healthcare Internet Conference in 2012, National Health Information awards and e-Healthcare Leadership Awards. Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Waynesburg University and an M.A. in communications from Johns Hopkins.

    The five new judges will join their colleagues later this year to select the HIHOF Class of 2016. The 2016 inductees will be presented at the 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas in November.

    To learn more about the 2016 HIHOF Judges and nominate a candidate for the HIHOF 2016 Class visit the HIHOF website.


  • New Judges Added to Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Board of Judges

    by Farrah Hunt | May 26, 2015
    The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) is pleased to announce 4 new judges have been added to the Board of Judges. The new additions replace 4 departing judges who have fulfilled their terms of service.

    The HIHOF Panel of Judges is comprised of individuals with a history of distinguished accomplishments in the healthcare internet marketing industry. The new judges are:

    • Ed Bennett: Ed is the Director of Web & Communications Technology at the University of Maryland Medical System and is responsible for all aspects of their Web program.

    During his 16 years at UMMS, Ed has led the hospital industry with many Web "firsts," but his most important and enduring contribution is clearly understanding what patients and caregivers want from a hospital Web site.  Ed also founded the Hospital Social Network List - a resource that tracks the social media activities of U.S. hospitals. An active member of the Health Care Social Media community, Ed was on the first external advisory board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. He was also inducted into the 2012 Internet Healthcare Hall of Fame.
    While at home on Twitter and Facebook, Ed's favorite networking tool is the telephone. 

    • Dan Rench R.N., M.S., M.B.A.: Dan is an innovator in the Indianapolis healthcare market and has directed multidisciplinary digital services teams in three of the largest healthcare systems in Indiana over the past 16 years. Among his innovative accomplishments are: the nation’s first R.N. live chat service; one of the first iOS mobile apps for medication adherence and real-time urgent care appointment scheduling via Smartphone. Teams that he has lead have received awards and been published for over 10 years by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends and Hospital and Health Networks magazine.  Currently he is the System Manager for Digital Services with St. Vincent, an Ascension ministry.  He is responsible for digital strategy, digital marketing technology and online consumer engagement for 22 ministries in Indiana.

    Dan holds bachelors and masters degrees from Ball State University, in addition to a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix, with an emphasis on ebusiness and information technology solution development.

    • Myra Salinas: Myra has over 10 years of Web and digital experience and almost 20 years of business and technical experience.  She has worked in multiple industries including financial services, entertainment and healthcare. Myra is currently the Senior Director of the Web Center at Scripps Health in San Diego, where she manages a digital business and technical cross-functional team including product management, project management, content strategy, digital marketing, product management, software development, operations and support for all online, mobile, marketing and social media initiatives.  

    Prior to Scripps Health, Myra worked at Blue Shield of California as a Director of eBusiness managing a cross-functional team in charge of their member (consumer) and provider portals.  

    Myra received her MBA from USC Marshall School of Business and her BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband and two children.

    • James Yanek: James is the Director of Web Strategy at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He leads the development and execution of digital strategy related to content, design, online marketing/SEM, SEO, e-newsletters and analytics.  In addition, his team also manages online philanthropy initiatives that support the CHOP Foundation. Prior to joining CHOP, James was Director of Interactive Marketing for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where he oversaw both online and offline marketing efforts. He has also served in several digital product development and marketing roles at Thomson Peterson’s. 

    The full board of judges is now planning for the nomination process for the 2015 Class of Inductees, who will be announced in November at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Orlando. Nominations for the 2015 class of Inductees opens June 1. For more information on nominating a candidate for Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame, please visit