Mark Gothberg

Innovative Individuals - 2012

Mark Gothberg, well respected in the eHealth industry, is currently the Editor of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends and Chairman of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards for Health Care Communications.

Mark has a unique background that prepared him well for the eHealth space. As a chemical engineer, he learned about manufacturing processes at a Fortune 100 company. After getting an MBA from Columbia University, he worked for another Fortune 100 company, first in financial and business planning and then in marketing, getting exposed to everything from product development to market planning to sales.

While working in marketing, Mark regularly wrote articles on healthcare marketing and advertising for Strategic Health Care Marketing, a publication of Health Care Communications. So when he joined Health Care Communications full-time, he already had a great industry foundation.

Some of Mark’s impressive career highlights include:

  • Launching eHealthcare Strategy & Trends in 1999. This was the first publication dedicated to the eHealth space. Mark included industry leaders as editorial advisory board members including John Eudes, co-founder of Greystone.Net, Danny Fell, president of Neathawk Dubuque & Packett and Joe Inguanzo, president of PRC.
  • Introducing, in 2000, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards, dedicated to recognizing all the work being done to develop great healthcare Web sites and other digital communications. The awards program draws some 1,100 entries annually, making it the largest awards program dedicated to the eHealth space.
  • Holding audio conferences on special topics of interest to healthcare marketers and strategists several times a year.

Mark has been on the forefront of the healthcare marketing and Internet industry for more than a decade. His wealth of knowledge on various topics within the industry has led him to be one of its top experts and a resource for others searching for eHealth information.

11Mark Gothberg
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