Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Innovative Organizations - 2014

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was founded in 1855 as the nation’s first pediatric hospital. Through its long-standing commitment to providing exceptional patient care, training new generations of pediatric healthcare professionals and pioneering major research initiatives, CHOP has fostered many discoveries that have benefited children worldwide. CHOP also acknowledges a special commitment to its immediate neighbors and community through its network of over 50 primary, specialty and urgent care locations. CHOP was an early adopter of Flash, using it to create a dynamic online experience with its Kids Health Galaxy micro-site.

Developed in-house, Kids Health Galaxy provides interactive, engaging and educational information for children ages 6-to-12 that helps them understand and cope with their healthcare experiences. The goal of the site is to provide patients with the information they need before a visit to the hospital, in a way that is age-appropriate and accessible. CHOP continues to place a strong emphasis on its digital strategy.

CHOP’s robust social media presence covers Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In October 2014, CHOP also re-launched a fully redesigned version of based on a mobile-first approach, user research and development of a content strategy.

11Kid's Health Galaxy
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