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Candidate Criteria

The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame awards both individuals and organizations for their work and accomplishments in the healthcare Internet industry.

The Board of Judges selects individuals or organizations that clearly stand out from the mainstream; their work and accomplishments distinguish them from others working in the same field.

There are three types of awards:

  • Innovative Individuals
  • Rising Talent
  • Innovative Organizations

When considering the submission of a candidate, think about the impact your potential nominee has made on the healthcare Internet industry. Has the individual or the organization:

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  • Made numerous, lasting and significant contributions to the healthcare internet field at a local, state or national level?
  • Assumed a leadership position in the healthcare industry beyond just the organization in which they are/were employed?
  • Demonstrated a willingness to share their expertise with others in the industry?
  • Served as a role model or mentor to others in the healthcare internet industry?
  • Shown the ability or influence to effect change in the industry?

If, in your opinion, the nominee meets the above criteria, please complete the nomination form below.


Innovative Individuals

Bestowed upon exceptional individuals who have:

  • Been active in the healthcare internet industry for at least 7 years
  • Through both their career accomplishments and personal characteristics been leaders and role models
  • Brought significant change and contributions to the healthcare internet industry

Rising Talent

Recognizing exceptional individuals who have:

  • Been active in the healthcare internet industry for 3-5 years
  • Shown active participation and growth in the industry
  • Receives favorable attention, both inside and outside of their organization

Innovative Organizations

Bestowed upon exceptional healthcare providers, provider organizations and vendors who have been:

  • Early adopters and inventors of internet-based applications, interactivity and functionalities
  • Through their websites and portals, been leaders within the healthcare digital space

Submit a Nomination

Is there an innovative person, rising talent or organization who you would like to see inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame? Let us know by completing the form below and our judges will review for inclusion on the annual ballot at an upcoming board meeting.

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    If you have any documents to support the nomination, please email it to [email protected]. Ensure the Subject Line clearly identifies the contents as in support of a HIHOF nomination.

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