Board of Judges

11Aaron Watkins

Aaron Watkins

Aaron is the Senior Director of Internet Strategy at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He leads the health system and the School of Medicine to connect the people of the world to the people of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

11Ahava Leibtag

Ahava Leibtag

Ahava is passionate about providing clear content for people in search of healthcare information. She is the founder and owner of Aha Media Group, a healthcare content agency.

11Allen Gottfried

Allen Gottfried

Allen is Manager of Digital Content at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and brings an award-winning track record for web and digital products garnered within the healthcare arena, as well as other marketplaces.

11Andy Gradel

Andy Gradel

Andy Gradel is Director of Digital Marketing for Wolters Kluwer Health, where he is responsible for the health division’s digital marketing strategy. He previously held similar roles with Main Line Health, Jefferson University Hospitals and Cooper University Hospital.

11Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer is a digital strategist and digital patient experience expert and principal of @chrisboyer LLC.

11Cynthia Floyd Manley

Cynthia Floyd Manley

Cynthia Floyd Manley is Director, Digital Content and Engagement for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Vanderbilt Health System.

11Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is Assistant Vice President, Digital Engagement for Baptist Health, responsible for inbound marketing, digital presence and transformation, and our online patient experience.

11Lannie Byrd

Lannie Byrd

Lannie has over 15 years experience leading digital engagements in healthcare, higher education and the media. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Team SI in Little Rock, Ark where he manages the day to day operations of the digital agency.

11Linda Ho

Linda Ho

Linda has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and enjoys finding solutions to daily marketing and communications challenges.

11Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a 25-year veteran of digital marketing and the author of “When Everybody Clicks: Sustainable Digital Marketing.”

11Mike Schnider

Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider is a Principal and Senior Executive at Greystone.Net. He has been helping hospitals and healthcare systems navigate marketing and digital strategy for over 25 years.

11Rachelle Montano

Rachelle Montano

Rachelle Montano is the VP, Clinical Strategy with Loyal. She has been working with hospital and healthcare systems to innovate and engage digital consumers for over twenty years.

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