Loyal Health

Innovative Organizations - 2020

Loyal started in 2015 as Transparently with a core belief: Too many patients are making healthcare decisions without the information they want or need. While there are mounds of data generated in healthcare, it’s only creating more confusion.

Today as Loyal, they strive to continue to erase that confusion by giving the power back to the health systems that have spent decades earning the trust of their patients. Using emerging technology, they have expanded their platform to focus on the whole patient journey and create a simply smarter patient experience platform.

In 2020, as COVID-19 spread throughout the world and taxed health system resources, their “Guide” chatbot and live chat platform was ehanced to help answer questions, perform risk assessments, triage patients to the appropriate care, and provide live chat support for patients with more complex needs.

11Loyal Health
11Loyal Health Chatbot
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