Ochsner Health System

Innovative Organizations - 2015

The Innovative Provider award recognizes Ochsner as a leader in utilizing innovation and technology to enhance the patient experience.

Earlier this year, Ochsner Health System was awarded the Best Comprehensive Integration for 2014 by the Intelligent Hospital Association. The award is given to a hospital or health system that effectively and seamlessly integrates technologies to provide a comprehensive solution in a health care facility.

Digital innovations at Ochsner include:

  • The O Bar is the country’s first “genius bar” in a health setting. Modeled after the Apple Genius Bar found in an Apple Store, the O Bar is staffed by an IT specialist who helps patients choose appropriate health apps and tools from the thousands available and also offers support and tutorials to familiarize patients with apps.
  • Ochsner was the first health system utilizing the electronic health record (EHR) system Epic to fully integrate its EHR with Apple HealthKit. This integration allows patient information from apps and wearables to be communicated directly into the EHR and shared in real time.
  • iO, an innovation accelerator designed to support and partner with companies working to revolutionize patient-centered care, was launched by Ochsner in early 2015.
  • Ochsner was the country’s first health system to utilize the Apple Watch to help with management of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.
  • Ochsner developed a tablet-based application to recruit patients into clinical research.
11Ochsner "O Bar"
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