Providence Health & Services

Innovative Organizations - 2018

Providence Health & Services is committed to providing for the needs of its communities, especially for those who are poor and vulnerable.

In 2016, Providence Health & Services joined with St. Joseph Health to form Providence St. Joseph Health. Together, this diverse family of organizations employ more than 111,000 people who serve in 50 hospitals, 829 clinics and hundreds of programs and services in Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

The organization’s dedicated digital innovation team has been tasked with creating digital products and services to transform health care to become more customer-centric through the use of technology. Among their accomplishments:

  • Bringing more convenience and speed of health care access and lowering the cost of health care via products like Express Care, now deployed at 33 clinics in four states
  • Offering more frequent touch points between patients and their health care through apps like Circle, now being used by more than 4,000 expecting and new moms
  • Helping our elders get non-health-related services so they can be safer at home for longer, through a service now available in Washington and Oregon called Optimal Aging
  • Enabling doctors to issue digital prescriptions of apps, content and video through the Xealth platform

In addition, Providence Ventures was founded in 2014 to manage a $150 million venture capital fund on behalf of Providence Health & Services (PHS). They target health IT solutions that improve health care eCommerce, patient experience and engagement, on demand care and more. Their portfolio includes investments in Binary Fountain (social media intelligence), Gauss Surgical (real-time monitoring of surgical blood loss), InDemand Interpreting (remote video interpretation), Kyruss (provider search and match) and more.

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