Stanford Health Care

Innovative Organizations - 2017

Stanford Health Care seeks to provide patients with the very best in diagnosis and treatment, with outstanding quality, compassion and coordination. With an unmatched track record of scientific discovery, technological innovation and translational medicine, Stanford Medicine physicians are pioneering leading edge therapies today that will change the way health care is delivered tomorrow. As part of its spirit of discovery, Stanford also leverages its deep relationships with luminary Silicon Valley companies to develop new ways to deliver preeminent patient care.

As a very complex academic-based health system in Silicon Valley, Stanford faced a great deal of pressure to produce a polished, technologically advanced web presence. Many of their patients were giants in the internet industry. Despite the traditional hurdles of healthcare, Stanford persevered and formed internal web teams to tackle this daunting task.

Stanford has long been an industry leader in functional and graphic design and unafraid to push the envelope. Their websites have won many awards over the years and still, today, represent a best-in-class example for customer-focused design.

11Stanford Health Care
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