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2020 healthcare internet hall of fame nominations

Which rock and roll band was the most influential band of all time? Which baseball players had such an impact that they changed the game forever? Football? Can you think of an actor who was so unique and impactful that she/he will be remembered as an innovator? These are all questions we might debate in a conversation and, as we talked, we might come up with many of the same names. The commonly recognized most influential players, actors, musicians, directors, etc. typically end up in a Hall of Fame for their respective industry as a nod to their accolades. Often, they are nominated and voted for by their peers and others who are knowledgeable in the field and elected as Hall of Fame inductees.

In the world of digital marketing for hospitals and healthcare systems, we do the very same thing. Healthcare organizations like these have generally been using the internet as a marketing and communications tool for over a quarter of a century now, and the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame (HIHOF) recognizes those individuals and organizations who have been the best, most innovative and demonstrated great leadership in our industry over this time. Each year HIHOF holds an open nomination process where our industry has an opportunity to nominate deserving people and organizations to be recognized as inductees of HIHOF for their industry contributions and accomplishments and that process is underway now.

So, think about it for a minute. When you look back at people and organizations who have really had a major impact on our industry – they left their mark, they have been innovators, leaders, early adopters, role models – which ones come to mind? Who really impressed you? Which leaders or organizations have you looked up to or been “wowed” by for their contribution in the online healthcare space? This is your opportunity to nominate them for HIHOF and ensure they will be recognized for their legacy impact in our space. 

Thinking about the components that make up the healthcare internet industry, there are many different pieces. You would consider everything from technology vendors to agencies, from specific hospital digital teams to trail blazing individuals, and all of the individuals and organizations in between.

Since 2011, HIHOF has inducted over three dozen individuals and organizations for a wide variety of contributions and impact in our industry. The entire list of HIHOF inductees as well as more information about the award and the nomination form can be found on the HIHOF website.

HIHOF was organized to keep these memories alive and to tip our hats to those who influenced our industry in a way that we will always remember. Please take a minute to think about those organizations and individuals you think are deserving of this kind of recognition and consider submitting a nomination. HIHOF is taking nominations from now through the fall and we will have our 2020 recognition ceremony in November.

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