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11Future roles

Are You Building a Digital Team for Tomorrow (and Beyond)?

With budget season quickly approaching for many organizations, here are four key digital marketing roles that could position your team for future success.
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11Case Studies

The Value of Marketing Case Studies When Evaluating Potential Vendors

As marketers well know, everyone likes a good story. Good case studies are, in essence, good stories. They tell a tale of how a specific customer applied a product, service or approach that addressed a problem or generated desired results.
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11Go Vertical! Adding Vertical Video and YouTube Shorts To Your Digital Strategy

Go Vertical! Adding Vertical Video and YouTube Shorts to Your Digital Media Strategy

In this video, Allen Gottfried, Manager of Digital Marketing with Wake Forest Baptist Health, explains why you should take advantage of one of YouTube’s latest product, YouTube Shorts and work it in to your digital media and social strategy.
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11Healthcare heroes

How to Improve Employer Brand in 2021

Attracting top talent for your company is not a game of chance. High-quality job candidates seek positions with companies that current and former employees will publicly vouch for.
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11Greeting a patient at the front desk

How Patient Experience Data Will Shape Healthcare’s Financial Future

With the rise of review sites and health-related searches online, it is vital for healthcare marketers to focus on building your organization’s online reputation. And the key ingredient to that foundation is patient experience data.
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